The CHAOS group (Christ Has All Our Solutions) is made up of those too old for  the young marrieds’ group, but not old enough  to be in the GEMS group. Typically, the age group is approximately from 35-55.   This group encourages those in the other groups to attend, as there tends to be some overlap based on need and activity. We want to make sure folks understand that this is not a couples-only group, and single adults are more than welcome and encouraged to participate.

Just to recap our name, I think if we are honest ,we would find that most of us are at that point in our life where CHAOS is part of the everyday way of life (i.e. kids in school, after-school activities, teenagers learning to drive, children in college, some even newly married, and even some having our first grandchildren). Yes, chaos is definitely a valid description, and not necessarily a bad thing. Additionally, as we decided when we named the group, the answer to this “chaos,” is clearly in the acrostic of the name,  Christ Has All Our Solutions.

Our goal is to have activities with our group, to spend that time with each other getting to know one another better, lay aside all the distractions with some fun trips and activities, and most importantly, pray for, support each other, and learn as a group how to live our lives with Christ as our resource while dealing with the chaos all around us. We try to have a mix of adult -only  activities on some occasions, and all-family activities on others to keep the balance. We typically have one activity per month, and try to keep folks updated with e-mails and on the bulletin board.